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DJI Mavic Air 4KM 4K Camera FPV 32 MP Sphere Panoramas Foldable & Portable SmartCapture RC Quadcopter

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  • DJI Mavic Air 4KM 4K Camera FPV 32 MP Sphere Panoramas Foldable & Portable SmartCapture RC Quadcopter, excellent quality, good service
    DJI Mavic Air adopts superb and advanced technology: three-dimension folding design, small size, excellent performance. It is equipped with three-axis gimbal and able to take stable 4K ultra-high definition video. New one-button spherical panorama 1 and intelligent photography mode, intelligent following and other functions help you realize more ideas. Battery life lasts up to 21 minutes. Advanced auxiliary flight system and smart return function will bring you more fun.
    32MPPortable4K three-axisGimbalperception of environmentSmart photography21-minute flight
    Three-axis gimbal
    DJI Mavic Air is the smallest UAV ever equipped with an integrated three-axis mechanical stabilizer, which adopts a new generation of damping algorithms and a high-damping structure that incorporates a new generation of control algorithms. It can improve the stability of image during flight within ± 0.005 ° control accuracy.
    One-key to get panorama image
    DJI Mavic Air can shoot spherical panoramic photos up to 8192 × 4096 resolution, thanks to the new in-plane splicing scheme: well-designed camera image processing, vision and airborne attitude estimation system. Automatically shooting 25 photos, it can synthesize a smooth, complete, clear 32 million pixel spherical panoramic photos within about 8 seconds to In addition, DJI Air also supports vertical, wide-angle and 180 ° panoramic camera mode.
    4K @ 100Mbps video
    DJI Mavic Air supports recording 4K / 30fps video at 100Mbps and it allows you to capture more details.
    Slow motion video
    With 1080p / 120fps slow motion shooting, nearly every detail of action can be clearly demonstrated.
    HDR pictures
    HDR mode supports manual adjustment of the intensity range, you can choose its exposure according to environment to restore the overexposure and dark details. This will make transition between bright part and dark part more natural. At the same time, hardware engine acceleration makes shooting faster and more efficient.
    8GB loading RAM
    DJI Mavic Air comes with a loading RAM of 8GB and it supports the expanded version of Mirco SD card. Photos and videos can be quickly exported through the USB 3.0 Type-C interface.
    Superb craftsmanship
    DJI Mavic Air is made with superb craftsmanship: its body is designed according to aerodynamics; different components are perfectly stitching together with each other; the whole body is designed in unique style.The rugged magnesium-alloy brackets make the structure of the visual system more stable. The built-in design effectively protects gimbal and camera. The UV coating is more attractive and durable. Its body is extremely compressed but there is still adequate cooling space to ensure long-term perfect performance.
    Foldable body
    DJI Mavic Air arm with a classic three-dimensional folding design, which feels comfortable. Even after being folded thousands of times, it still can guarantee the stability of the drone during flight. After being foled, the drone is nearly as big as your mobile phone. And you can hold it in you hand easily.
    Foldable remote control
    Remote control adopts ergonomic folding design. When you unfold the handle, your mobile phone can also be gripped. Rocker is detachable and is placed inside the remote control. In this way, the drone is smaller and easier to carry.
    Intelligent following
    Benefit from powerful computing performance and upgraded algorithms, intelligent following function is better with higher precision, which brings smoother shooting. In addition, it can simultaneously detect 16 goals for the user to choose. It can be applied to more scenes, such as running, jumping or riding a bike. The drone is able to follow you.
    One-key to get short film
    It can shoot video very easily. Only by one press, DJI Mavic Air can take photos or videos during flights. It will bring you more fun.
    Intelligent photography
    Intelligent photography is a brand new interactive way to control DJI Mavic Air using your hand. You can make it take off, move and shoot ideal photos or videos. The whole process is very simple and intuitive.
    FlightAutonomy 2.0
    The FlightAutonomy 2.0 system uses advanced VIO (Vision Inertometer) technology that integrates 15 kinds of sensors including front, rear and rear binocular vision, main camera, TOF sensor, and IMU to enable DJI Mavic Air to gain insight into the environment, Body posture, with more accurate hovering and stable flight. With APAS (Advanced Assisted Flight System) technology, the aircraft can even take the initiative to bypass the front and rear obstacles and fully upgrade the flight experience.
    21-minute battery life
    High-energy Lipo battery effectively enhances its power and can support the drone to fly 21 minutes.
    FOC ESC and power system
    DJI Mavic Air's ESC adopts FOC sine wave drive architecture to enhance the overall efficiency of motor and ESC. The power system can ensure safety after tens of thousands of hours of reliable testing. Moreover, DJI Air works well even at high altitude area of 5000 meters.
    68.4 km/h
    The fastest speed of DJI Mavic Air can be up to 68.4 kilometers and bring you a exciting journey.
    Enhanced dual-band Wi-Fi map transmission
    A new generation of enhanced Wi-Fi image transmission, support 2.4 / 5.8GHz dual band
    Fitted with DJI flying glasses
    Connect DJI Mavic Air with DJI Flying Glasses to experience the thrilling experience of sitting in the cockpit and flying in the first-person view.


    RC Quadcopter

    Take-off weight:430 g
    Diagnal size:213 mm
    Maximal ascending speed:3 m/s(S mode),2 m/s(P mode),2 m/s(Wi-Fi mode)
    Maximal descending speed:2 m/s(S mode),1.5 m/s(P mode),1 m/s(Wi-Fi mode)
    Maximal horizontal flight speed(no wind on the sea):68.4km/h(S mode),28.8km/h(P mode),28.8km/h(Wi-Fi mode)
    Maximal flight altitude:5000 m
    Maximal flight time(no wind):21 minutes(25 km/h constant speed)
    Maximal hovering time(no wind):20 minutes
    Maximal mileage(no wind):10 km
    Maximal gale level:grade 5
    Maximal tilt angle:35°(S mode),25°(P mode)
    Maximal rotation speed:250°/s(S mode),250°/s(P mode)
    Working temperature:0°C - 40°C
    Working frequency:2.400 - 2.4835 GHz,5.725 - 5.850 GHz
    Transmiting power(EIRP):2.400 - 2.4835 GHz
    FCC:≤28 dBm
    CE:≤19 dBm
    SRRC:≤19 dBm
    MIC:≤19 dBm

    5.725 - 5.850 GHz
    FCC:≤31 dBm
    CE:≤14 dBm
    SRRC:≤27 dBm
    Hovering :Vertical:
    ± 0.1 m(normal visual positioning function)
    ± 0.5 m(normal GPS function)
    ± 0.1 m(normal visual positioning function)
    ± 1.5 m(normal GPS function)
    Loading RAM:8GB

    • Gimbal
    Structure design:Tilting:-100° to 22°
    Rolling:-30° to 30°
    Panning:-12° to 12°
    Controllable rotation range:Tilting:-90° to 0°(default setting)
    -90° to 17°(expanding)
    Stable system:3-axis mechanical gimbal (tilting, rolling, panning)
    Maximual controllable speed (pitch):120°/s
    Angle jitter:±0.005°

    • Camera
    Image sensor:1/2.3 inch CMOS
    Effective Pixels1200 万
    ISO range:Video:

    Shutter speed:Electronic shutter: 8 - 1/8000 s
    Maximal size of pictures:4:3 4056×3040
    16:9 4056×2280
    Photographying mode:Single shot
    Multiple continuous shooting (BURST): 3/5/7 sheets
    Auto Exposure Bracketing (AEB): 3/5 @ 0.7EV steps
    Time Lapse: 2/3/5/7/10/15/20/30/60 seconds
    Video resolution:4K Ultra HD:3840×2160 24/25/30p
    2.7K:2720×1530 24/25/30/48/50/60p
    FHD:1920×1080 24/25/30/48/50/60/120p
    HD:1280×720 24/25/30/48/50/60/120p
    Maximal video rate:100Mbps
    Support file system:FAT32
    Image format:JPEG / DNG(RAW)
    Video format:MP4 / MOV(H.264/MPEG-4 AVC)

    • Battery
    Capacity:2375 mAh
    Voltage:11.55 V
    Limit charging voltage:13.2 V
    Type of battery:LiCoO₂ 3S
    Energy:27.43 Wh
    Weight:140 g
    Charging temperature:5℃ - 40℃
    Maximal charging power:60 W

    • Charger
    Input:100 - 240 V,50/60 Hz,1.4 A
    Output:Battery port:13.2 V = 3.79 A
    USB port:5 V = 2 A
    Voltage:13.2 V
    Rated power:50

    • Remote control
    Working frequency:2.400 - 2.4835 GHz
    5.725 - 5.850 GHz
    Maximal effective signal distance(No interference, no shelter):2.400 - 2.4835 GHz:
    FCC:4000 m
    CE:2000 m
    SRRC:2000 m
    MIC:2000 m

    5.725 - 5.850 GHz:
    FCC:4000 m
    CE:500 m
    SRRC:2500 m
    Working temperature:0°C - 40°C
    Transmission power(EIRP):2.400 - 2.4835 GHz:
    FCC:≤26 dBm
    CE:≤18 dBm
    SRRC:≤18 dBm
    MIC:≤18 dBm

    5.725 - 5.850 GHz:
    FCC:≤30 dBm
    CE:≤14 dBm
    SRRC:≤26 dBm
    Inside battery:2970 mAh
    Working voltage/current:1400 mA = 3.7 V(connected with Andriod equipmwnt),750 mA = 3.7 V ( connected with iOS equipment)
    Supportive equipment:Maximal length 160 mm, width 6.5 - 8.5 mm
    Supportive interference:Lightning,Micro USB(Type-B),USB-C

    • Image transmission
    Mobile devices App:DJI GO 4
    Real-time transmission:remote control:720p@30fps

    mobile devices:720p@30fps

    DJI goggles:720p@30fps
    Real-time picture transmission maximum rate:4 Mbps
    Time-lapse (depending on shooting environment and mobile devices):170 - 240 ms
    Mobile devices:iOS 9.0 or newer version,Android 4.4.0 or newer version


    • 1 * RC Quadcopter
    • 1 * Remote control
    • 1 * Intelligent Flight Battery
    • 1 * Charger
    • 1 * Power cable
    • 8 * Propellers
    • 4 * Propeller protectors
    • 1 * Remote control cable (Lightning connector)
    • 1 * Remote Control Cable (Standard Micro USB Connector)
    • 1 * Remote Control Cable (USB Type-C Connector)
    • 1 * Gimbal protection lock
    • 1 * Data cable - USB 3.0 Type-C
    • 1 * USB adapter
    • 1 * Remote control beam line slider (large)
    • 2 * Remote control beam line slider (small)
    • 1 * Storage bag
    • 1 * Backup rocker
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    1. How about warranty on RC copters/planes and electronic components?

    There is no warranty due to the nature of the products. No factory will provide the warranty for the RC copters/planes. Please be careful to handle your copters or planes.
    RC models are fragile. They are likely to be damaged due to an operational error or the fact that you do not know how to fly model aircraft, and any collision or hard landing may cause damage to the helicopter or plane. We cannot control your flying skills, actions, or the flight site you choose. We will not bear any responsibility for the damages due to personal usage or loss, and any claims because of the wrong operations of the products, using failure or malfunction will be rejected.

    2. Do you inspect and test the RC copters/planes and parts before shipping?

    To ensure the quality of all available models on our website, we always do a very rigorous control before packaging. All merchandise is in perfect operating condition before shipment. When you receive the product, it will be in good working condition.

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    If the package is obviously damaged, firstly, please refuse to pick up the package and then you can contact us and explain this situation to us by email. In this case, if you pick up it, we will not be responsible for it.If the package is not obviously damaged and you have delivered the package, please contact us and attach the photo of the package and broken items. We will check them. We have rich experience and will know if it is broken in the transportation. After check, we will give you a solution.

    5. The item was used for many times but it was broken, crashed or failure can I have replacement?

    We are sorry that we cannot provide the replacement in this case. To ensure the quality of all available models on our website, we always do a very rigorous control before packaging and all products are Brand-new. We cannot know how many times you have used and you cannot prove that how many times you have used. So please understand we will not be responsible for this case.Of course, we can provide the fix service. The customers can return the items to our company and we will contact the supplier to fix it. But the customers need to pay all the shipping cost and fix fee.

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    7. If I want to cancel the order and the order has been shipped out, can I get a full refund?

    We are sorry that we will not full refund to you. In this case, we suggest that you deliver the package. If you insist on refusing or returning the package, you have to pay all shipping cost, and 10% restock fee and other fees.

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