XERun M6A Brushless System ( 1:8 / 150 A / 4274SD Motor 2000KV SensoRot )

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  • XERun M6A Brushless System ( 1:8 / 150 A / 4274SD Motor 2000KV SensoRot )

    Instantaneous power system for your off-roader 01.08
    This is the 1:8 RC car brushless system from the XERun - lined upe,very high stark,use for racing roomt.It comes with a super strong 150A ESC,ein 4274SD 2000KV Sensored Brushless Motor,17T and 21T pinion a motor and an LCD program Box.After installing this system 150A in your off - road truck or Buggy,You will notice the difference immediatelyn,the speed is crazy speedt,and you will see tremendous increase in torque compared to the old brushed system to getn,AUCh,You will notice more playing time due to less friction in the motor buerstenlosenr.By using the 5000mAh Li -Po Akku,10-15 minutes to get amost quality playing time (lightning speed and crazy power all the way),so .... d, "Nicht zu Brushless System Upgrade".

    Warumsollte man das 150A ESC anstelle von 80A?
    The normal 80A ESC is already a very fast and powerful wahl,but it will require for the ultimate benefits Massang,you have the 150A ESC.It's like ...Comparison of a 3600cc N / A Car (This is the 80A ESC ) with a 3600cc turbo car (This is the 150A ESC ) is dramatically increases the power or ...I would sayn,Compare to 911 with 911 Turbo,sowohl schoenes Auto,is just a turbo version "Madness"-Version, oder?

    Sensored vs sensorless motor ?
    in briefn,Sensorless Motor manchmal cogging Problem,while the engine always knows Sensoredn,where the inner rotor is stopped and kick start more smoothlyn.But the Greend,unless you're a hardcore player sind,sonst koennen Sie nicht kuendigen.

    Super - High Power 150A - SD ESC - Low resistance , Supported USB Programmable

    4274SD Motor 2000KV Sensored - Combine with 150A ESC , you will receive excellent service !

    LCD Program Box - Get the best setup for other trace

    17T and 21T pinion Main motor - Moderate size sprockets , good for the velocity and acceleration

    XERUN 150A - SD ESC features :
    - Compatible with sensorless brushless motor and most of sensored motors like Nova buerstenlosek,LRP and Feigao,andc.
    - Excellent start -up , acceleration and linearity features
    - 3 modes (only with brake vorwaertse,Forward / Reverse with brakee, Vorwaerts / Rueckwaertssofort)
    - 4 steps of maximum reverse force adjustment
    - Proportional ABS brake function with 4 steps of maximum brake force adjustmentsg,8 steps of drag - brake force adjustment and 4 steps of initial brake force adjustment
    - 9 start modes (also "Punch") von "very soft ( Level 1 )" to "very aggressive (Level 9)"
    - Multiple protection features : Low voltage cutoff protection /
    - 8 steps of timing adjustment by Software. Sie koennensogar das programmierbare Element, um das Timing-valueAUCh fuer sensored buerstenlosen Motor anzupassen.(Traditionall,You have to cover the rear of the engines,to the timing value for a sensored brushless motor to change )
    - Built - in switch - mode BEC disposes of delivering a powerful output of all electronic devices
    Easily program with only one button and compatible with pocket-sized Program Card
    - Firmware can be a USD adapter ( Optional equipment ) are updated
    - Spritzwassergeschuetzt and dustproof

    XERUN 150A - SD ESC Specifications :
    - Output : Continuous current 150A , burst current 950A ,
    - Input : 6-18 cells NiMH / NiCd or 2-6 cell LiPo,
    - BEC output : 5.75 (built-in switch mode BEC ) V/3A ,
    - Resistance : 0.0002 ohms ,
    - Engine supports : Sensorless and sensored motors buerstenlose
    - Suitable Brushless Motor:
    When working with 4-cell Lipo :> = 4.5 T ( K <= 3000)
    When working with 6 cells Lipo :> = 6.0 T ( K <= 2400)
    The above- mentioned T - number is the value of an oversized motor 4274SL
    (Diameter = 42 mm , length = 74mm )
    - Suitable Car : 1/ 8 Buggy / Truggy / Monster
    - Size : 58mm ( L ) * 46.5mm ( W ) * 35mm ( H )
    - Weight : 105g ( without cable)

    4274SD 2000KV motor features :
    - Excellent for 1:8 th scale competition because sensored motor has the best control feeling
    - High efficiency (> 90%) , the additional heatsink is not necessary in most applications ,
    - New design with lightr,However, larger torquest.- Higher performance than competitorsz,faster acceleration and higher top speed
    - Aluminum Shell ( enclosure)
    - High quality magnets
    - Copper wires of high temperature endurance
    - Good quality bearings
    - Anti - cracked rotor with special processing

    4274SD 2000KV Motor Specifications :
    - KV : 2000KV
    - Diameter : 42mm
    - Length without shaft : 74mm
    - Shaft : 5mm
    - Length of shaft: 18.5mm
    - Weight : 371g
    - Rm : 0.005 Ohm
    - Max voltage : 26
    - Lo @ 10V: 2.3A @ 10V
    - Continuous Watts: 1350W

    This package includes :
    1. XERUN 150A - SD ESC
    2. 4274SD Motor 2000KV Sensored
    3. LCD Program Box
    4. 17T and 21T 32 pitch pinion gear , accessories and decals

    Recommemdation :

    engine Type transmission rate Power System Suggestion main application
    XERUN - 4274SD

    01.08 Monster
    4 cells Lipo : 12-19

    XERUN - 150A - SD ESC
    4 cell lipo
    32 Pitch , 21T pinion
    Super strong monsters 01.08
    XERUN - 4274SD 01.08 Monster
    6 cells Lipo : 15-21
    XERUN - 150A - SD ESC
    6 cell lipo
    32 Pitch , 17T pinion
    Super strong monsters 01.08

    Suitable for : 1:8 Buggy / Truggy Competition,converts to 1:8 - powered electrically poweredn,Super powerful monster 01:08

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