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Xiaomi Mi Drone Wifi FPV With 4K Camera 3-Axis Gimbal RC Quadcopter

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  • Xiaomi Mi Drone Wifi FPV With 4K Camera 3-Axis Gimbal RC Quadcopter,new product

    Automatic flight after having destination set
    Having destination set in APP map,Xiaomi drone will fly to the appointed place automatically.
    Automatic flight after having routes planned
    Planning flight routes in advance,Xiaomi quadcopter will fly along the preset routes automatically,which brings more complete and fluent visual effect.

    Automatic flight around the point

    Setting a central point, flight height and radius ,the quadcopter will automatically fly around the central point, which allows you to take videos and photos like a master with one hand tied behind your back.

    Long-lasting battery life

    With LG / GREPOW cell, 5100mAh high energy-density and large capacity battery ,the flight time can last up to 27 minutes.Meanwhile, it is easy for the battery to change with the drawer style battery design,eight intelligent protection technology makes battery safer and longer.

    Optical positioning aid ,better to hover indoor

    With CORTEX-A7 four-core processor,and advanced optical and vision algorithm, it has better adaptability to various ground texture.
    Spot hover can be achieved even there is no satellite signal indoor .

    ± 1.5m Horizontal positioning accuracy ± 0.1m Height positioning accuracy

    0.5 ~ 2.5m Ultrasonic height localization range

    Automatic alert to return when the battery is low, auto-return after losing contact

    Xiaomi quadcopter will calculate the time to return and remind you according the distance and height when the battery is low. Besides, it can record the departure place, and get back to you automatically when you lose signal.

    GPS real-time tracking

    Xiaomi will get to the automatic return mode once it loses contact with the transmitter.If something happens on the way back, its position can also be located by GPS longitude and latitude,which is easy to find.

    All-in-one gimbal camera

    Chip built in the gimbal can real-time calculate motion compensation based on the flight attitude ,and drive 3-axis brushless motor to keep the camera balance ,the control accuracy is up to ± 0.02° .


    •One key to take off and landing
    •One key to return
    •Fly around the point automatically
    •Automatic flight around the preset routes
    •Automatic flight when destination is set
    •GPS + GLONASS Double star positioning, hover free and easy
    •Optical flow positioning aid, better to hover indoor
    •Automatic alert to return when the battery is low, auto-return after losing contact
    •GPS real-time tracking
    •Auto-hover by the edge of no-fly zone


    Hover accuracy :vertical : +/- 0.1m (Ultrasonic operating range),+/- 0.5m
    Hover accuracy :horizontal : +/- 1.5mm
    Ascending speed : 6m/s
    Descent speed :1.5m/s
    Flight speed:18m/s
    Flight height:120m(Flight time:27mins)
    Wheelbase:434 mm
    Classification of wind resistance :4
    Working frequency: 2426.5MHz~2461MHz
    Control distance:1000m(Domestic limitation: 500m)
    Transmitting power: <20dBm
    Controllable rotation range :Pitch:-90°~0°
    Angle control precision: ±0.02°
    3-axis auto-stabilized gimbal: Image stability gaining+route following
    Auto-stabilized angle: Pitch -120~35
    Auto-stabilized :Roll -35~35
    Auto-stablized :Direction -65~65
    FOV 94° F/NO:F2.8 Focus length of camera :3.7mm( Equivalent to 20mm)
    1/2.3-inch 12.4M Exmor R Sensor
    1.24 million
    1/8 s~1/8000 s
    Resolution :12M (4000x3000 4:3)/8M (3840x2160 16:9)
    3840x2160p 30fps
    2560x1440p 30fps
    1920x1080p 100/60/30fps
    Single shot
    Capture in the video
    File system:FAT32/exFAT
    Photo format :JPEG
    Video format: MP4
    TF Card (Support Class10/U1 above) 8~64G
    Charger: 17.5V
    Rated output :16V-2.9A
    Rated input:100-240V ~ 50/60Hz 1.5A Max
    Rated power: 46.4 W
    Charge limited voltage :17.4V
    Rated capacity :15.2V(TYP)-5100 mAh 77.52Wh
    Lifetime :27 mins ( Gimbal camera included )
    Length :10 inch
    Pitch of screw:4.6 inch
    Type: 1046
    Protection bracket
    Weight (single):22.66g
    Radius :135mm
    Max dimension after being mounted :704mm
    Other parameters
    Weight: 1376g
    Suitable environment :0°C~40°C


    •1 * Xiaomi Mi Drone Quadcopter ( with 4K Camera and 3-axis Gimbal)
    •1 * Transmitter
    •1 * Battery
    •4 * Propeller
    •1 * Charger
    •1 * Tool

    NOTE:This version is without backpack

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