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Walkera Furious 215 600TVL Camera F3 Flight Control with DEVO 7 Transmitter RC Quadcopter Racing Drone

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  • Walkera Furious 215 600TVL Camera F3 Flight Control with DEVO 7 Transmitter RC Quadcopter Racing Drone
    With powerful dynamical system and swift responsiveness committed to achieving excellent flight experience, the readily-flying Furious 215 racer at 215mm wheel base is suitable for both professional racing events and thrilling freestyle flying. With advanced airframe design, featuring simple/lightweight body, robust/crashproof structure and extreme openness, it enables players to DIY upgrade or replace all key components. Having Furious 215 at hand, you can progress to excellence from underperformance
    The RTF Racer of Thrilling perfection
    antishock & crashproof
    professional system
    highly integrated PDB with simplified wiring
    stable center of gravity
    unlimited possibility of upgradable
    Furious, Swift as Lightning
    ESC supporting oneshot 125/oneshot42, high accelerator responsiveness makes operation as swift as lightning.
    High-performance 2500KV brushless motor combined with 5040 5” propeller and 4S power battery, powerful momentum speaks itself.
    Stable Center of Gravity
    Rectangle airframe with batteries on top, smooth and stable flight, both track racing and freestyle flight accessible Compact gadget design saves space by removing unnecessary wiring and centers airframe center of gravity by lowering battery fitting surface to 30mm.
    Carbon Fiber Airframe + Independent Arms
    Its airframe made of high strength carbon fiber, robust arm at 4mm thickness;4 independent arms achieve lower maintenance cost.
    Multiple Reinforcements
    Those parts extremely vulnerable in high velocity impacts are well reinforced.
    Triangle aluminum components are used to fix airframe; aluminum alloy posts improve airframe strength.
    Designed to be coupled with safety guard and buffer bracket, brushless motor can stand rigorous reliability tests. Robustness & resistance to wear highlight its quality assurance.
    Airframe made of high-strength carbon fiber and supported by metal posts makes the aircraft robust and crash proof.
    Redundancy design is employed and highlighted at bottomplate tail so as to make sure that video transmission antenna is not suffered from powerful impact.
    Camera is protected with carbon fiber reinforced polymer at its head, with metal posts consolidated with 3 screws at bottom and top, which can effectively disperse impacts.
    Compatible with sports cameras at different sizes of popular mainstream brands like Gopro hero4, Gopro hero5 session, Xiaoyi & Runcam, its mount is provided with tightening straps at multiple directions.
    Integrated PDB (power distribution board)
    Airframe is integrated with PDB that is shaped in line with airframe bottomplate to completely fit it. Electronic speed controller (ESC) output extends to arms, greatly shortening the distance of the welding wire. Onboard active beeper and integrated OSD, provided with OSD tuning connector at its bottom for the purpose of tuning.
    Battery Space
    XT60 power connector and video transmission antenna connector are placed in its afterbody,allowing more space for batteries, and obtaining better video transmission effect by minimizing sheltering of video transmission antenna.
    Professional Imaging System
    With ultra-high reduction and ultra-wide dynamicity, the beautifully colored high-definition camera 600TVL exceptionally performs under the lowlight and backlight surrounding, and capable of perfectly adapting to complicated environments. Equipped with FOV-130°wide-angle lens of focus-2.5mm, it is committed to delivering awesome visual experience. Its high-performance video transmission system supports 600mW(at maximum) power switching (FCC version), achieves transmission distance of 1.5 kilometers at maximum thanks to HG omni-directional mushroom antenna.
    Adjustable Angle of View
    An embodiment of humanized scale design is angle scale specially added at both sides of camera, so that players can memorize their preferences, not blindly adjust their angles of view, meanwhile aware of their progress(aircraft flying speed is in direct proportion to angle of view and aircraft inclination, i.e. the faster the aircraft speed is, the larger the angle of view is, and the larger the aircraft inclination is).
    Mainstream F3 flight controller employed to make convenient upgrading and tuning
    Equipped with mainstream F3 flight controller ,which enables players to perform autonomous tuning.Boot key is equipped on the flight controller to brush and upgrade betaflight and cleanflight SPracing F3 firmware.
    Provide many DIY interfaces, expand the creative space for players

    Sbus Communication Protocol Supporting 3rd-Party Receiver Extended

    Employing sbus communication protocol, Furious 215 remote-control receiver can achieve rapid response. Provided with PPM/SBUS receiver connector, the flight controller enables DIY players to install 3rd-party receivers that are controllable using 3rd-party remote control.

    Dazzling Light

    It supports LED Strip programmable light strip, in addition to taillight supplied, provides 5V LED light connectors at both sides of PDB, which facilitates DIY installation of LED strips. Amazing marquee effect can be achieved by simply programming flight controller.


    • Aircraft

    Main Rotor Dia 127mm
    Overall (L x W x H) 168 x 209x 71.5mm
    Weight 375g(excl.battery)
    Remote Controller DEVO 7
    Receiver DEVO-RX721
    Flight Controller FCS-F215
    5.8G transmitter TX5838(FCC)/TX5839(CE)
    Brushless Motor WK-WS-28-017(2500KV)
    Brushless ESC Furious 215 ESC
    >Battery 14.8V 1300mAh 60C 4S LiPo
    Flight Time 8~9mins
    Working temperature -10℃~ +40℃

    • Camera

    Lens 2.5mm
    Image Sensor 1/3″ Sony SUPER HAD Ⅱ CCD
    Horizontal Resolution 600TVL
    Integrated MIC Yes
    DNR 2DNR
    Day/Night Color/Auto/B&w
    Power 5V~17V

    • DEVO 7 remote controller

    Frequenc 2.4GHz DSSS
    Output power ≤100mW
    Current consumption ≤230mA(100mW)
    Power Supply 5# Battery 8x1.5V or NiMH 8x1.2V 1600-2000mAh
    Output Pulse 1000-2000mS(1500Ms Neutral)

    • TX5838(FCC) / TX5839(CE) transmitter

    5.8G wireless image transmission
    TX5838 B-band 8-channel selection
    TX5839 B-band 8-channel selection
    TX5838 output power≤200mW
    TX5839 output power≤25mW

    DEVO 7E Features:

    •USB online update makes you always enojoy the lastest programme. 
    •Adjustability of hi-frequency output power enjoys more personality and friendly environment.
    •Up to 30-model data can be saved.
    •DEVO-7E adjusting the gyro sensitivity makes hovering flight and fancy flight in an easy way.
    •Wireless data transfer and trainer function between two transmitters.
    •Improved design of the Radiosticks make the control silky and smoothly.
    •4 different kinds of stick mode.
    •Suitable for helicopter and airplane. 

    DEVO 7E Specification :

    Model Name:Devo 7EProduct type:  Transmitter
    Encoder:7-channel micro computer systemWeigth*Height*Thick:154*150*56* mm 
    Weight:417g(w/o TX battery) Frequency: 2.4GHZ DSSS
    Battery: 5# Battery 4*1.5V Or Ni MH 4*1.2V 1600-2000mAhOutput pluse:1000-2000ms
    Output power:≤100mWCurrent Drain: 200mA(100mW)


    •1 * Walkera Furious 215 Quadcopter
    •1 * DEVO 7 Transmitter
    •1 * Battery
    •1 * Charger
    •1 * Camera
    •1 * Simulator+Softdog+Activation code

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    RC models are fragile. They are likely to be damaged due to an operational error or the fact that you do not know how to fly model aircraft, and any collision or hard landing may cause damage to the helicopter or plane. We cannot control your flying skills, actions, or the flight site you choose. We will not bear any responsibility for the damages due to personal usage or loss, and any claims because of the wrong operations of the products, using failure or malfunction will be rejected.

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    To ensure the quality of all available models on our website, we always do a very rigorous control before packaging. All merchandise is in perfect operating condition before shipment. When you receive the product, it will be in good working condition.

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