STORM 430 semi - metal output ( RTF )

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  • STORM 430 semi - metal output ( RTF )

    STORM 430 Semi - Metal Edition
    A low -cost practice model for outdoor helicopter Learners

    STORM 430 Semi - Metal Edition verfuegt ueber eine "large" selling point among all 450 class helicopters kamen,the adoption of best design and Geometrye,with the use of inexpensiven,but very high quality material (aluminum frame Plastic Parts) combinen,whereby a perfect " practice Helicopter "for outdoor heli beginners and a perfect platform for serious 3D - Master to hardcore 3D aerobatic movements playn.

    The STORM 430 with aluminum frame for the highest Stabilitaet,combined with plastic rotor head parts ( semi - metal swashplate ) and Plastic Tail Gear Box for lower repair costs for Beginningsr.But for the onen,100% for the 3D performance requiredt,You can select "Aluminum part upgrades",It contains an aluminum rotor head set and Leitwerk,then install them and you get to win a championship helicopter rotorr.STORM 430 is such a great platform for alle,wah notr?

    It is 100 % assembled and ready-to - Fly!3800KV Brushless engine Included ar,30A ESC,ROCK-5 Head LockGyro,vier High-Speed-Servos,11.1V 2200mAh 20C Li -Po AKKu, 2.4 GHz radiosystem,impact-resistant plastic canopy of wood Hauptrotorblaetter,high strength ball links and stainless steel linkage balls on all unitst,with wear resistance and anti - oxin,they are all the best devices in this price classe.

    largen bis zum First Outdoor Helicopter fuer Anfaenger werden
    Video shows the basic 12 Uhr,9 Uhr,03 Uhr,and the hardest clock 06.00 ( nose ) positionsn,to all beginners have to go through the basicsn.Each position will have before switching to a different position trainingn. 

    What brand STORM ?
    Storm started the first 450 class helicopter prototype 2 years ago , the famous tower 450 hot sale Worden.Take the Undern,to build the Storm 450 Helicopter is very positive and aggressivet,make it better and better over the years and the 450 has more storm to searchn.You can not brand voices heard about Stormt,But we played in Asia and Hong Kong since the storm, 450 characters for a longt,a simple reason - it has the quality and benefitsg,it was stable sparepartg,a very good price ,all gamesr,The storm tested the 450 and loved it nur,450 SO that the storm in our popular Land.The Mal,Storm a platm,auf der Championship Winning 450 Helicopter,both learners and experts suits based chambert,They call it the Storm 430 ( although it's a really 450 class size )

    Aggressive 3D action for disposal
    It provides pitch controle,we 'll helicopter pilots fly in almost any directionn.The change from before fleeing ton,to hover with smoothn,Sound management is a cinch and negative pitch is a breeze for aerobatics like loops and rolen.Not understand msn,that the stock plastic parts can not play 3D,In fact , this storm 430 3D fly from Box!

    100% preassembled
    It is 100 % assembledt,You can fly there in just a few minutes out of the box.Just a quick charge the battery and you're preparedt!

    Best Center of Gravity
    STORM 430 to win 100 % identical to the master 450 Helicopter same servo bracket body and Rahmen.It has the best geometry and Gewichtsverteilung,great advantage for beginners and experts

    The Best Flight Control System
    With Bell and Hiller two systems control the mixturesg.Through simple structure of the Bell - control can power- saving of Hiller and CCPM controllersg,to simultaneously control 3 servos for AILE,EVLE,PIT -3- Aktionen.This CCPM control system is for 3D flying control and extending life cycle of servos gross.

    High performance Power System
    This helicopter is equipped with STORM 3800KV high performance brushless motor and 30A STORM Speed ​​â € <â € < controller for large capacity and efficiency combinedt.The buerstenlose engine cooling system with out - runners equippedt.It solves thet.Better Cooling makes longer flight times and more aggressive 3D flight to ctivityg.Also included in this ready - to-fly kit is a 11.1v Lithium battery with high capacity ( 2200mAh ) and high performance 20C Entladestrom.

    STORM High Speed ​​â € <â €
    STORM 430 Semi - Metal Edition ist with vier STORM FORCE MS-90G High Torque Servos ausgestattet.the lage,a great job for the cyclic and rudder controls stability to don.

    High Precision Head LockGyro
    STORMROCK-5 Head LockGyro + Storm MS-90G fuer Heck-Pitch-Steuerung,easy to install and very responsive ton,they can dramatically stabilize the helicopter ton.Helicoptert,automatically be Erasedt,dank der Head LockGyro,the tail is a simple instruction manual as heightg,making it easier to hover or 3D Special dealsn.It is perfect for beginners and expertsn.

    Smooth Pitch Travel
    The assumption of linkage ball joint and ball bearing tail rotor Punkt,the tail pitch movement is silky smootht,you have exact amount of tailwind from the tail rotor servo to the Stock Exchange or High -end rudder servos.

    High strength ball links and stainless steel linkage ball
    Using new high strength ball links and stainless steel linkage balls on all unitst,have Verschleissfestigkeit,Anti-Oxidation.

    STORM 2.4GHz radio system
    Dieser Helicopter with der STORM 2,4 Programmable radio System ausgestattet ist,you can watch all kinds of common parameters for an RC helicopter with a PC computer to fitn.Simply connect the transmitter to the computer with the included USB Cabll,and run the Setup Programm,which is includedt,then you are in the lage,The common settings putn.This radio system also has features "Lock On",It has the same frequency the ensuring much improved reliability and peace in the blocks flyn,You do not have to each Mal,if you are on the helicopter to bindn. Ausserdem ist 2,4 GHz den Standard der neuen Generation radio System,because there are many advantages hat.

    enlarge the image

    enlarge the image

    Anti-Interference & Hoehere Zuverlaessigkeit
    Operating at 2.4 GHz , the radio control brings the frequency range from "noise" produced by the other electronic components on your helicopter - such as the Moto buerstenloser,Speed ​​pointr,Gyro,
    Servos und alle metal-metal-noise - Beseitigung von Stoerungen und Glitching,that affect traditional frequency system couldn.

    Laengere Transmission Distance & Geringere Leistungsaufnahme
    SSST ( STORM Spread Spectrum Technology ) offers moreh.

    Faster response time
    2,4 Gigahertz-Systeme bietet schnellere,sensitive controllersg,if based on a standard frequency system were comparingn.

    No Frequency Control Required
    Ein Hauptmerkmal von 2,4 Gigahertz Ausruestung von einem RC-Modell-Club-Sicht ist,that no frequency control is requiredt.Obviates the Notwendigkeit,any other channel numbers to check that is correctn,before they flyn.No more worries about turning up at a club with the wrong crystal in your Tx.

    STORM 430 Decal Plastic Canopy
    Good looking and high quality, durable plastic canopy for beginners ,

    High Capacity Battery
    Hyper - Lithium 11.1V 2200mAh 20C High Power Li -Po battery provides more than 30 A peak current for the 3800KV brushless motorr,the aggressive 3D flight allowst.

    Length : 660mm
    Height : 230mm
    Main Blade Length : 325mm
    Main rotor diameter : 700mm
    Tail rotor diameter : 150mm
    Weight ( w / o main blade) : 450g
    Flying Weight : Approx , 730 ~ 760g

    STORM 430 Semi - Metal Edition beinhaltet:
    - 100% preassembled Helicopter
    - Power adapter
    - Li -Po battery charger
    - Storm 11.1V 2200mAh 20C High Capacity Li -Po battery
    - USB cable for the setting of the transmitter
    - Blade Sustain
    - CD to program the STORM 2.4Ghz Transmitter

      storm 430
    Semi -metal
    storm 450
    Fiber Glass
    storm 450
    Carbon Fiber
    storm 450 3G
    engine 3800KV 3800KV 3800KV 3800KV
    ESC 30A / Linear BEC 30A / Linear BEC 40A / Switching BEC 40A / Switching BEC
    Servo ( CCPM ) Storm MS - 90G Servo
    0.12 sec / 60 degrees
    Storm MS - 90G Servo
    0.12 sec / 60 degrees
    Storm MS -110G Metal Gears Servo
    0.09 s / 60 °
    Align DS410 Digital Servo
    0.09 s / 60 °
    Servo (rudder ) Storm MS - 90G Servo
    0.12 sec / 60 degrees
    Storm MS -110G Metal Gears Servo
    0.09 s / 60 °
    Align DS420 Digital Servo
    0.06 sec / 60 degrees
    Align DS420 Digital Servo
    0.06 sec / 60 degrees
    radio System 2.4 GHz radio WFLY 2.4 LCD Transmitter WFLY 2.4 LCD Transmitter WFLY 2.4 LCD Transmitter
    Body Frame aluminum glass fiber Carbon Fiber Carbon Fiber
    rotorhead metalplastic Beste Qualitaet aus aluminum CNC Beste Qualitaet aus aluminum CNC Beste Qualitaet aus aluminum CNC
    Tail Gear Box metalplastic Beste Qualitaet aus aluminum CNC Beste Qualitaet aus aluminum CNC Beste Qualitaet aus aluminum CNC
    blade wood glass fiber 3K Carbon Fiber 3K Carbon Fiber
    Main rotor diameter 730mm 730mm
    730mm 730mm
    stabilizer plastic glass fiber Carbon Fiber Carbon Fiber
    canopy plastic glass fiber glass fiber glass fiber
    price USD $ 199 USD $ 299 USD $ 349 USD $ 529
    Value for Money

    HobbyWOW , de checks and Calibrates Every Single Helicopter Before Shipping !
    Do you know how important it is ?
    Many online seller to not check and calibrate their products ever you wantt,because it required experienced RC pilotst,and it is very time -consuming than - team is checking and calibrated every helicopter rotorr,Battery and battery charging devicest,to sicherzustellen,everything is in good Zustand!

    HobbyWOW , en sends correct power supply and Frequency !
    There are too many types of power supplies in the wavet.For example, the UK power supply for use in the United States will notn.We know the standard of your country and we will send the right ist.

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