Why is my coupon not working?

There are numerous reasons for why you can not use a coupon. The specific reason will be shown on the shopping cart page.

Below are some of the most common scenarios:

- The coupon has expired;
- The coupon has already been used;
- The coupon has a usage limit;
- The coupon code has been entered incorrectly;
- The coupon can not be redeemed on any of the products in your shopping cart.

Coupons can be used on specific categories, products or even just as part of a special promotional event.

What are points and coupons?

You can redeem points and coupons at checkout to enjoy special discounts on your order and even receive free products from time to time.

How can I redeem coupons?

You can enter the coupon code at checkout to enjoy a discount on your purchase.

Type the code in the field shown here below:

Click “Apply” and the discount rate or money rebate will be deducted from the total.

How can I confirm my e-mail address?

You can confirm your e-mail address to receive some HobbyWow points.

Please follow the steps listed here below after registering a HobbyWow account:

1. Make sure that the e-mail address you entered is the one you want to verify, and then click "Send Confirmation Email";
2. Check your inbox and open our automatic e-mail;
3. Click on the link contained in the e-mail to complete the verification process;

Why have my points not been updated?

You will receive the Hobbywow points for your order 24 hours after your order has been shipped. In addition, you can receive Hobbywow points after your review, image, video, or other comments has passed our approval.

How can I get more HobbyWow points?

You can earn HobbyWow points by following these methods

When confirming your e-mail address: 1000 points
You will receive 1000 points only after verifying your e-mail address. You will not be awarded HobbyWow points for each time in which you modify your e-mail address.
experience review on Trustpilot/resellerrating 1000 points
Video review on Youtube Channel: 1000 points—2000 points

When placing an order, except for shipping fees:
Every dollar you spend on purchasing our products will result in 1 HobbyWow point (1USD = 1 HobbyWow point), with the exclusion of shipping fees.
Points can be exchanged to give up to 10% off your order.
Points will be added to your account balance after your order has been shipped.
Note: you will not receive HobbyWow points when placing a drop-ship order.


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Send customers to HobbyWow and receive points for each order they place. Discover more about our Affiliates Program here.

Do HobbyWow points expire?

Yes, HobbyWow points expire on December, 31st of the year after the one in which you have earned them, as you can see in the picture here below:


For example, the points you earned in 2014 will expire at the end of 2015. You can always use them for one year before their expiration date.

If you want to see your points balance, please log in to your HobbyWow account and go to the My Points page.


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