SYMA X8PRO vs SJRC S70W ,Which to buy ? - Tuesday, January 2, 2018

SYMA X8PRO vs SJRC S70W ,Which to buy ?

SYMA X8 Pro and SJRC S70W 2 are two models with similar appearance and functions. The two appear nearly in the same period. SYMA, as a veteran brand of RC quadcopter, ever launched some popular models, like X5 and X8. The latest X8pro has been still produced in high standard as before. SJRC released several products too, but are unknown to most people. It is uncertain now that which one will gain more attention, SJRC S70W or SYMA X8 Pro.
Main body:
Main bodies of X8pro and S70w are similar to each other with smooth curve surface. Actually both are designed much like that of Phantom series. X8pro has only bright white version while S70W has white and black versions. X8pro is equipped with quick-release propellers and tripod, quite easy to be removed or installed. S70W adopts traditional screw fixing method. You can install its tripod by plugging it in, but it is still not as convenient as X8Pro. At the same time, there are protective rings for propellers in the latter model. Both the two quadcopters have modular batteries. The power button of X8pro is on the top of its body. As for S70W, power button is put together with that of its battery. Moreover, S70W can display battery level.


Transmitters of the two models are basically same in the size. The sleek and simple design of bodies are both very attractive. The transmitter of X8pro has an overall white polished surface, while that of S70W has two colors alternative: black and white. And S70W is more comfortable to hold. As for panel layout, X8pro is relatively simpler. All its buttons are placed on the shoulder except power button. There are two more buttons on the front of S70W and two more wheel buttons on its shoulder. You can activate more functions through different combination of its buttons. Common replaceable AA batteries can be used for remote control of X8pro. While S70W has more advanced Li-po battery inside. It is chargeable and can be charged through USB port. In addition, there are 8 indicator lights on the panel of S70W transmitter, which are able to show flight status. This design is pretty unique among quadcopters in the same level. In one word, the remote control of S70W is more intelligent than that of X8pro.



Camera of the two models are both 720p with wifi image transmission. Images of X8pro are clear and normal without distortion, and images of S70W obviously present fisheye wide-angle lens effect. However, camera of X8pro is adjusted in fixed-point angles, while that of S70W is wheel-controlled and can provide more options for you. For both models, camra and their bodies are connected in hard-wired ways. Therefore there is no big difference in the jittering effect.


Both X8pro and S79W support GPS positioning and returning. GPS of the former one works automatically while the latter one can also be operated manually. And APP functions of S70W are better. You can open the following mode and proceed some other basic flying operations through its APP. But for X8pro, it can only realize FPV functions through its APP.


Others :

The batteries of the two modes have similar capacity and working time under same operations. With richer experience, SYMA performs better in workmanship. However, SIRC offers a lower price, which may please some consumers.


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Hubsan H216A& Hubsan H507A - Thursday, December 21, 2017

 Hubsan H216A& Hubsan H507A

We are going to introduce two quadcopters from Hubsan , they are Hubsan H216A and H507A .


As the upgraded version of Hubsan H502 series , H216A and H507A keep the characters of former Hubsan quadcopters in appearance and configuration ,regard of  the body shell, H507A adopts the same look as H502C ,while H216A uses the same appearance as H502S, H502E ,but some difference in color ,so it can be easily identified .

                 Hubsan H216A                                                                                                          Hubsan H507A


These two quadcopters adopt the 8520 brushed motors that have always been used for H502 series ,5.3 inch propellers, and the same wheelbase .Most of the spare parts for these quadcopters are compatible as they almost have the same structures ,that's a good news for those quadcopters owners .


The difference among H216A &H507A and previous H502 series is the wifi module added,  which allows players to control quadcopter  via smartphone ,additionally , Hubsan equip them HT005 wifi relay and HT007 bluetooth transmitter ,bringing more flight functions and richer experience .


Let's see the difference between H216A and H507A , it is mainly the camera ,because H507A comes out earlier, it is still equipped with 720P camera , however , H216A comes with 1080P camera as the latest version. As far as the battery is concerned , H507A uses special module plug-type battery newly designed ,it's a nice design ,but bucket is not as good as the battery ,it takes some trouble to replace the battery . However, H216A adopts normal JST plug battery used for H502. They are both high voltage 7.6V 2S lipo battery ,550 mAh and 750 mAh separately ,  absolutely , H216A has longer endurance than H507A .


Now we move to  their performance ,thanks to GPS and Wifi modules , H507A and H216A have rich functions , GPS positioning , GPS return , follow mode , waypoint  plan ,FPV, headless mode ,altitude hold and one key to takeoff .


Generally , control distance with wifi is just 50m ,but can be 300m with wifi relay , the distance is enough to brushed quadcopter . Bluetooth transmitter offers players one more option .the HT009 transmitter provided by Hubsan  uses rare bluetooth control ,but the control distance is also 50m due to restriction of bluetooth ,it is a shame to remote control . The HT007 transmitter has a good touch ,it is friendly for new users , if strong wind or far distance outdoor , it doesn't work as good as indoor flight.


APP "Hubsan X " developed by Hubsan is popular due to its rich details , fine interface and comprehensive icon. Attention : the APP requires a high -performance smartphone , it is likely to crash if you use a low-performance phone 


To summarize ,  with the arriving of H507A and H216A , Hubsan has more comprehensive brushed quadcopters . As the upgrade of H502 series ,you can get some more info from other H502 series quadcopter ,such as its stability , calibration , motors and propellers . Totally , these two are excellent quadcopters with a reasonable price  , but there is still room for improvement .


Good thing : Fine workship , great APP ,rich functions , good stability and experience .

Bad stuff : Can't compatible with traditional transmitters for Hubsan ,motors are likely to get damaged , detail designs are not good enough. 




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Zhiyun Smooth Q handheld gimbal - Saturday, December 9, 2017

    Today we're going to  talk about a handheld gimbal  forsmart phone, named Zhiyun Smooth Q,we'll introduce it in several aspects .


      Zhiyun Smooth Q adopts spring-type holder that has been used for most handheld gimbals .  The adjustment knob on the back is used to adjust the holder to be vertical or horizontal ,it doesn't have as good experience as dji osmo ,but it is quick to install and not easy to break . With 58-85mm stroke of the holder ,plus 15 mm adjustable shaft arm on roll axis ( more convenient compared with installing balance module on the roll motor ) ,the Smooth Q can payload 75-200g/ phone 6 inches below (or sport camera ) .

      The hand holder adopts ergonomic  handle design similar to osmo instead of metal cylinder design used on the earlier products ,which provides better feeling when we hold it ,in addition , smooth Q uses plastic replacing of metal ,making worse touch but lighter weight ,in this case ,users won't feel frustrated even after a long-time use .Thanks to the plastic , it not only reduces the cost ,but also makes smooth Q becomes the first one which can provide colorful handheld gimbal for smartphone . It is an important factor to drive consumers to buy .It also keeps the great character from Zhiyun family that integrating battery indicator ,power on/off ,mode ,control joystick and focus adjustment switch 



     Smooth Q has normal stability ,no difference from other gimbals ;360 degree roll in yaw ,different degree limitation in roll and pitch , you can say it 's a standard configuration on the market. But pay attention ,roll has smaller angle movable than advertised on the official site ,large movement is likely to cause shift due to the limitation .

    Three  normal modes are easy to switch ,unfortunately , smooth Q doesn't have one key vertical shooting ,but rotate phone holder to make it 


Operations :

   The thumb joystick has large and sensitive touch , it is great ,but when we are using it, we will find that it doesn't seem to be quite smooth . Smooth Q has a great upgrade that it can be controlled by APP , apart from basic movement and switchable modes ,the focus can be adjusted by shift lever on the handle , additionally , it has object follow function .

   When we actually use it ,we find that the object follow is practical , but compared with dji osmo , it has slower response speed , and the object is likely to get out of our follow range . Anyway , we hope Zhiyun will get it improved .

    Another thing ,someone said Android is not as good as iPhone ,but it depends on your phone . Expect for control interface and App ,Zhiyun also offers wireless control .


Extension :

   There is 1/4 screwhole on the bottom , which can be connected with all kinds of photography equipment . The end of handle is also equipped with USB port  and 5V/2A DC power output ,you can charge the phone while using the gimbal .


Others :

    Smooth Q has excellent dual calibration functions , it is easy to work , calibration is a must for stabilizer ;As for as endurance is concerned , it takes 2.5 hours to charge , lasting up to 12 hours ,which is an excellent configuration among the similar gimbals . Let's see the price, it is cost-effective nearly the half of osmo .

In total , Zhiyun Smooth Q is a great gimbal at a reasonable price,even it has some flaw ,let's hope Zhiyun will do better.




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Cyber Monday Sales - Monday, November 27, 2017

Cyber Monday Sales

Dear Hobbywow Customers:

Thank you for all your support, we now have Cyber Monday promotions ,10% off all orders. 

Coupon 'CC11 " from Nov 17 to Nov 30th . 

Warm note: There is no carrier that can make the delivery with battery only to Australia ,please don't order it separately .

Sorry for inconveniencing you ,thank you for your understanding . 


Hobbywow Team 

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11.11 RC Toys & Hobbies Shopping Carnival ,Up to 12 % Off - Friday, November 3, 2017

 11.11 RC Toys & Hobbies Shopping Carnival 

Dear Hobbywow Customers :

Thank you for your support all the time , we sincerely appreciated for everything you've done ,in order to express our deep appreciation , we have promotion for 11.11 . All the RC cars &boats &planes are 6% off ,racing drone 8% off , and 10% off for JJRC Quadcopter. 

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2017 Public Holiday - Saturday, September 30, 2017

 Public Holiday Notice 

Dear Customer,



Thanks for shopping on the HobbyWoW. We are going to have National Holiday of warehouse location  from 1st Oct to 5th Oct .

We now have this coupon available. 

5%  Off Any Order from Oct 1st to Oct 8th , Code: OCT5

During this time, you can place order as usual, but we will not process orders and respond to emails. On 6th Oct,  we will be back to process orders and emails.

Thank you for your understanding.


Best Regards,

HobbyWoW Team


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Battery delivery problem - Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Dear Customers :

Thanks for your support to HobbyWOW. We're sorry to tell you that batteies only can't be shipped to Canada ,Australia , Philiphine ,South Africa at the moment . It can be shipped out with a quadcopter ,a car ,boat  or  googles ,not spare parts . Please kindly note it when you place your order .

Sorry for the inconvenience it causes you .Thanks for your understanding .

HobbyWOW  Team 

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All site 5% Off during May Day - Thursday, April 27, 2017

Dear All HobbyWoW Customers,

Thanks for your support to HobbyWoW .We are going to have a public holiday from 29 April 2017 to 1st  May  2017. During this time, You can place orders as usual but we will not process orders and answer emails..

Please use the Code "MAY5" to Enjoy 5% off if you place orders during our holiday.

On May 2nd We will resume operations: Ship Backlogged Orders and Answer Backlogged Emails.

Thanks for your understanding.

 HobbyWoW Team 


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About Chinese Spring Festival - Sunday, January 22, 2017
     2017 Chinese New Year will fall on January 28. It is the Year of the Rooster according to Chinese zodiac. It will be a great chance to experience the traditional folk customs!
     Chinese New Year, also called Spring Festival, has more than 4,000 years of history. It is the grandest and the most important annual event for Chinese people.
>>>Time for Family Reunion
Being one of the traditional festivals, it is the time for the whole families to reunite together, which is similar with Christmas Day to the westerners.
>>>The Longest Public Holiday
Most employees in China have at least seven days off work, including three days' legal holiday, while students take one month absence from school. The celebration lasts for 15 days from the 1st to 15th day of the first lunar month, and in folklore it starts even earlier, from the 23rd day of the twelfth lunar month.



>>>Holiday Origins from Monster Nian
Originating during the Shang Dynasty (17th - 11th century BC), the festival used to be observed to fight against the monster "Nian" who liked to eat children and livestock. The monster was afraid of red color and loud sound. Therefore, people decorated their houses in red and set off firecrackers to expel it.
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Get the Free Merry Christmas Gift - Thursday, November 24, 2016

Dear Hobbywow customers,

Thanks for your support for Hobbywow. We now have the promotion.  If your order is over 299USD from 26th Nov-25th Dec, then you can get the free Merry Christmas Gift. 



Merry Christmas in advance!

Best Regards
Hobbywow Team

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